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I want to...

sharpen my sales message...

develop a new product...

create a customer driven culture...

You already have the drive, competence and professionalism to run a Voice of the customer. We can supply you with the knowledge, software and tools to make it a success.

The eight steps to success

Refine customer segments

and Personas


Explore customer value using multiple sources

Listen to

the voice

Study the


Experience the situation

of the customer

Collect Customer value stories

Compress value stories

using affinity diagrams

Compile and print the deck of Value cards

Establish customer profiling

data to collect

Invite customers to prioritize and

benchmark value stories

 Mine the data using advanced Excel tools

 Sharpen sales strategies and develop products with unrivalled customer value

Our mission is to provide powerful tools to collect meaningful customer insights into the hands of people involved in product development.

Join the Customer Value Challenge


Let's together turn

customer value into a concrete and practical

tool to drive your


Several videos and posters on how to transform customer value into a practical tool to drive customer value, growth and profitability. Click the link to see the videos.

The crux of customer value



Atlas Copco is very focused on delivering on its brand promise to give added value to customers through sustainable productivity. The Industrial Technique business unit bumped up these efforts by implementing a Voice of the Customer process.

Download the full article here.

Why run a best practice VoC study?

Companies using VoC best practices outperform other companies according to a research study made by Aberdeen Group. These are some of the convincing findings:

  • 10 times greater year-over-year increase in annual company revenue (48.2% vs 4.9%)

  • Top-performing VoC users enjoy a 55% greater client retention rate

  • Top-performing VoC users decrease customer service cost by 23.6% year-over-year

  • Best in class, firms achieve a 292% greater employee engagement rate.


The above figures correspond well with our own experience. One of our clients was able to ninefold the sales with a new generation product based on a solid VoC study. 

Our philosophy
  • Start simple with one of our packages

  • All what you need is included

  • Step by step training material

  • Go for groundbreaking customer insights!


With 18 years’ experience and more than 30 global projects, we know what works in practice. Our proven 8-Step-VoC process will navigate you around the pitfalls and guarantee customer insights that will change your business. 

Read more about our proven

8-Step-VoC process

Read more about our support softwares

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Typical outputs from the 8-Step-VoC process:

  • learning which customer needs that are most important 

  • get a grip on your competitive position by understanding how customer see your strengths and weaknesses

  • identify new and unique business opportunities that can focus your future product development activities

  • sharpen your marketing message by addressing only what is truly important to customers 

  • establish an organizational-wide customer focus reducing internal conflicts

  • improve your customer segmentation by identifying homogeneous customer segments

  • building a solid foundation for Value-based selling driving profitability and growth.

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