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Software modules

Our software modules integrates perfectly with programs you are used to - as Excel, PowerPoint, Acrobat or Indesign. It is a complete suite of programs:

  • managing your value cards and printing of prototypes

  • handling of translations and value cards in multiple languages

  • design of your value cards and folders in a fast and straightforward way

  • producing print-ready pdf's that you can send directly to a print shop

  • collecting data in the field and send it encrypted over the internet

  • analysing your data from multiple perspectives including drilling down.

​Our software modules will save you hundreds of hours of work as well as thousands of Euros as you can manage everything yourself without the use of designers or outside experts.

Read more about how the 8-Step-VoC software modules support your VoC activities. Download a PDF file.

Software modules for Step 4:
Compile the Value cards


An easy to use program to handle your value stories. Enables you  to view and prototype your Value cards. The program will also configure your value stories into a xml-format. The xml-format is the preferred format if you need to send your value stories for translation. The xml-format is also used for exporting your data to the program VoC-cards.

  • Visualizes Value cards

  • Printing of prototype Value cards

  • Exports/imports card data in xml format

  • Based on Excel



A complement to the program VoC-xml for handling value stories in multiple languages. Simple back and forth interaction with Google translate to control and check translations. Preview Value cards in two different languages side by side. 

  • Visualizes Value cards and displays two languages side by side

  • Facilitates translation to different languages

  • Interacts with Google translate

  • Exports/imports card data in xml format

  • Based on Excel



Simplifies the production of Value cards. Create print ready PDFs you later can send to us or a local print shop for printing. Contains several alternative layouts of the Value cards. Import your data from VoC-xml or Voc-translate and your print ready PDFs are made in an instant

  • Contains alternative templates for Value cards 

  • Imports card data in xml format

  • Creates print ready PDFs of Value cards

  • Based on InDesign

  • Can be updated with templates and and fonts for simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic/Persian and Hindi for example.

Click the link and view a pdf with all the templates.

Software modules for Step 5:
Establish customer profiling data


Simplifies the configuration of the   database VoC-analyze used for analyzing your results from the card deck dialogues.


Documents the value stories and customer profiling data. VoC-quickstart can also export and import the text for the value cards in XML-format.

  • Configures your database

  • Documents value stories and profiling data

  • Exports/imports card data in xml format

  • Based on Excel



Simplifies the production of the leaflet. The leaflet contains customer profiling data on one side and the instructions for sorting and benchmarking the Value cards on the other side.  Output is a print ready PDF you can send to us or a print shop for printing.

  • Design your leaflet

  • Front side instructions for handling Value cards

  • Backside for collecting customer profiling data

  • Delivered as Power Point (for collaboration) and InDesign (for print-ready PDF)

  • Creates print ready PDF for the leaflet

Software modules for Step 6:
Invite customers to prioritize and benchmark


Controls and simplifies input of customer data. In the program you record the customer profiling data, prioritization of the Value cards and the benchmarking results. Configures the data so it later can be imported to VoC-analyze. To provide a quick feed back the program will create a simplified SWOT for a maximum 8 deck of cards.

  • Documents customer profiling data, card sorting and benchmarking results

  • Can import data from VoC-collect (encrypted xml result)

  • SWOT for 8 decks of Need cards

  • Creates input data to VoC-analyze 

  • Based on Excel



Custom built for your VoC project to speeds up, simplify and secure input of customer data. Specially design to be used by people with little or no training. Easy to records data, encrypts data and prepare an email for transmitting of data.  

  • Documents customer profiling data, card sorting and benchmarking results

  • Encrypts data

  • Creates mail for transfer of data

  • Based on PDF

  • Requires a completed VoC-leaflet and configuration data exported from VoC-analyze 

This video also contains instructions on how to set up a Virtual VoC in the web tool Stormboard.



Custom built for your VoC project together with VoC-collect. Decrypts transmitted data and configures the data for import to VoC-analyze.

  • Imports and decrypts data from VoC-collect

  • Based on Excel

Software modules for Step 7:
Mine the data

VoC-analyze Basic

Powerful program to visualize, analyze and document your VoC data. Provide multiple views of your data along with simple tools to drill down and see important details. Configures data for simple export or printing. Instead of spending numerous hours to program and configure your Excel-sheet VoC-analyze Basic will provide the result in minutes.  

  • Documents customer profiling data, card sorting and benchmarking results

  • Analysis of VoC data

  • Unlimited filter options to drill down in your data

  • Imports data from VoC-input and VoC-convert

  • Based on Excel

Try it out for free!  

Fully functional version that handles a maximum of 5 deck of cards.

VoC-analyze Professional/Strategic

Extremely powerful program to analyse and drill down in your VoC data. The program is design for the professional user. 

  • Advanced analysis of VoC data

  • Many drill down options

  • Documents customer profiling data, card sorting and benchmarking results

  • Imports data from VoC-input, VoC-convert and VoC-analyze

  • Based on excel

  • This program is only sold to professional users familiar to VoC-analyze

  • Requires 64-bit version of Excel 2013 or later for Windows or 32-bit version of Excel 2010.

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