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Become a Voice of the Customer expert in an easy, fast, and enjoyable way. Our flipbook consists of infographics that are professionally illustrated. If you haven’t time to read a textbook, this is the quickest way to learn. Perfect for bringing with you on the bus or when you travel. A total of 179 pages in full color. Buy the complete book in paper with a soft cover for easy transportation, or buy just the chapters you need as PDF files.

The PDF files are sold as a personal copy. If you want to share the PDF files with other people or use the PDF files in a project, order the number of copies you need. For example, if you are 8 people in your VoC project order 8 copies.

8-Step-VoC Flipbook paper

8-Step-VoC Flipbook paper

8-Step-VoC Quick Guide
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A quick guide for conducting in-depth interviews of customers

A quick guide for conducting in-depth interviews of customers

VoC in Corona times
Program modules - VoC in corona times

Program modules - VoC in corona times


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