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The customer value challenge


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Seven videos on customer value

Module 1. Customer value – what business is all about

Customer value is a business concept that will make-or-break any company.


The many time's fuzzy concept of customer value must, therefore, be transformed into a concrete tool that can be put to practical use.


In this first video, the concept of customer value is defined, and its impact on customer value, profitability and growth discussed.


Total length of 7 min and 27 s.


Module 2. Customer value – it is a perception

Customer value is not a property of your product, but a perception in the mind of your customers.


The root cause for many failures in product development and marketing is, therefore, a too broad or unclear definition of the customer. It will inevitably lead to high demands for product adaptation that will harm customer value, profitability and growth.


Total length 8 min and 49 s. 


Module 3. The evolution of customer value

Two different methods are used to facilitate the development towards higher customer value.


One approach is to refine, polish, and improve the existing concept. In other words, doing it better. During this period the value development usually takes the shape of an S-curve.


The other method is to make radical changes in the concept, doing it differently and starting a new S-curve.


Total length 6 min and 58 s. 


Module 4. Three categories of customer needs

The best strategy for sustainable business success is understanding customer needs and delivering products that meet these needs in a superior and resource-effective manner.


This video introduces and explains three generic value drivers you can use to increase customer satisfaction.


Total length 8 minutes and 44 seconds. 

Module 5. Three categories of customer resources

New and hot features are fun and get lots of attention. Everybody wants to work on them. Customer resources, on the other hand, get little attention.


This makes customers resources an under-explored area of opportunities.


This video introduces and explains three generic value drivers you can use to reduce your customer's resource consumption.


Total length 8 min and 35 s. 

Module 6. Customer value in practice

Your value proposition is made up of how you perform in all the six different value drivers. They all work together creating the perception of value in the mind of the customers. 


Your mix must appeal to the customers in the market position you intend to target.  

Five generic market positions in order of price are introduced and explained.


Total length 9 min and 19 s.

Module 7. Customer value – implementation

We believe that VoC (Voice of the Customer) is an excellent tool to build the foundation for customer value. To start your journey towards unrivalled customer value, increased growth and profitability.

A modern VoC is so much more than just collecting data. It is a way to:

  • train your people

  • to strengthen the relationships with your customers

  • guide your development work

  • sharpen your sales messages.


A way to become a truly customer-centric organization.

In this video, the 8-steps of a world-class Voice of the customer are introduced and explained.


Free watching at all times. Total length 10 min and 15 s.

The customer value poster


Download the customer value poster. Print it, post it in the break-out room, give it to your colleagues and managers. Put customer value on the agenda and get the discussion going. Let's together make customer value a concrete and practical tool to drive your success.

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