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Join our network

Most of our VoC studies are global, including multiple countries and continents. Subsequently, many of our customers need help in local languages conducting deep-interviews and translating results.


Our objective is to build a global network of 8-Step-VoC licensed consultants. A win-win situation. You get work from other licensed consultants or us, and you can offer your customers the same, i.e. you can offer your customers global assistance.

A global VoC study typically includes between 10 up to 150 days of consultancy support.

Check out our site, and you can see that our pricing structure is very attractive.


As a licensed consultant you get:

  • one week's training in the concept and all the software

  • a personal copy of all the software – so you can demonstrate the functionality to your customers

  • a personal copy of all our flipbooks – so you can run training for your customers

  • a printed copy of the Flipbook

  • Interview cards used for in-depth interviews

  • dummy decks of Value cards for demonstration purposes

  • your name and company published on our website

  • possibility to receive assignments from the network and us

  • support from us regarding the concept or the software

  • updates on all the software and flipbooks or other support material.


If this sounds attractive drop us an email, but don´t wait too long as there will be a limited number of licensed consultants in the network.

Together we can make this a success.
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