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A quick guide for conducting in-depth interviews of customers

The quick guide consists of 12 infographics and 5 interview cards.


Infographics are the fastest and easiest way to learn how to conduct an in-depth interview of your customers. They explain the basics you need to know to get real and meaningful customer insights. A well-conducted in-depth interview should also be an interesting learning experience for your customers.


The interview cards at the end of the guide should be printed on a desktop printer and used to guide the in-depth interview. They are excellent memory-joggers for managing the four different phases of an in-depth interview. By shuffling the cards, you remind yourself to follow the four phases and how to manage each phase. It also gives your interview a professional look in front of the customer.


The material is extracted from chapter 2 in the book “Voice of the customer a practical tool to drive customer value growth and profitability.” The complete book or individual chapters can be bought on-line in our shop.


Currently, you can get the quick guide for free by using the promo code 8Step at check out.

A quick guide for conducting in-depth interviews of customers

  • Use the promo code 8Step at check out and get the Quick Guide for free.

  • © This copy is for personal or project use only. Not be resold or reproduced.

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