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The customers use the value cards to prioritize and benchmark value stories. The advantages of using value cards are several, but two are unique and of the utmost importance:

  • value cards use game mechanics to increase the customer's motivation, participation and engagement. They give the customer a better learning experience compared to traditional questionnaires. Customers are tired of conventional and boring surveys.  “Questionnaire fatigue” is today an increasing problem.
  • value cards use forced ranking to avoid bias. Rating scales are interpreted differently in different countries. In some countries, 1 is the best on a scale from 1 to 5. In other countries, 5 is the best. Some countries tend to give high scores (e.g. France), and other countries (e.g. Norway) tend to give low scores. This means that the use of traditional rating scales will bias your data, making it very difficult or even misleading to compare, for example, different regions, countries or customer segments with each other.


A total of 28 infographics in PDF-format.

Step 4 Compile the deck of value cards

  • Personal copy. Not to be shared, reproduced or distributed under any circumstances. Please review our terms and conditions before you purchase.

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