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Customer profiling data is the key to understanding more about the customers in a segment. Increase the understanding off who the customers are, what products they use, when they use the products, how they use the products etc.  Customer profiling data is also used to learn more about and what separates the customers from each other in different segments. To get the most out of your VoC program, it is essential that you select the right mix of profiling variables from the following four groups:

  • Drilling variables, which are used to drill down in your VoC-data for context and insights
  • Bias variables, which are used to measure and manage bias in your VoC-data
  • Segment variables, which are used to fine-tune existing segments or identify new segments
  • Blindspot variables, which are used to challenge your VoC-results.

The variables used for defining your customer segments are always mandatory.


A total of 22 infographics in PDF-format.

Step 5 Establish customer profiling data

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