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Triple your probability of success

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Unfortunately, many new products fail. They fail, not because the products developed are bad. On the contrary, many new products are fantastic, technically. They fail because companies develop the wrong products – products with low customer value.

Despite the fact, that unrivaled customer value is the number-one success factor*, few product development projects use it to guide the projects to success.

Honestly, do you:

  • have a grip on customer value in your current projects?

  • have a methodology and mindset in place that turns customer value into a practical tool?

  • want to triple the probability of success?

You may think turning customer value into a practical tool is too complicated, takes a long time, or is expensive! Nothing could be more wrong.

We have a concept for implementation consisting of six lectures delivered over Zoom. Each lecture is around 30 minutes long:

  • introduction, 5-10 minutes

  • lecture, 8-10 minutes

  • facilitated discussion, 10-15 minutes

Not only will you learn the concepts, but you will also get help to apply the mindset to your project and product.


These are the titles of the six modules:

1. Customer value – what business is all about

2. Customer value – it is a perception

3. The evolution of customer value

4. Three categories of customer needs

5. Three categories of customer resources

6. Customer value in practice


We can give the lessons after each after, or split them up in sections in different ways — for example, one or two every day, one or two every week, etc. You select the format that best meets your needs.

The cost of each module is 250 EUR for your team.

The beauty of this setup is that people can repeat the lecture (prerecorded video) as often as they like and you can watch them prior to each module to prepare. Repetition is the key to changing the culture and mindset. To be able to repeat and go back is also essential going from knowledge to practical implementation.

By watching the lectures prior to the module you can also prepare questions or topics you want to have discussed. An excellent way to adapt the discussion to your specific challenges.

The lectures can be watched for free if you follow this link

You could have a customer value mindset in place in your team by next week and triple your probability of success!

Interested? Contact us by mail

Best regards

Per and Ulf

*) "A superior and differentiated product is the number one driver of success and profitability, with success rates reported to be three to five times higher than for ‘‘me too,’’ reactive products (Cooper, 2001; Cooper and Kleinschmidt, 1996)".


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