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3 reasons to do a VoC now

A lot of activities are paused. However, the Voice of the customer is one activity that you may have a bigger opportunity to conduct now. Here are three reasons why:

  • You still need to keep in contact with your customers, but a traditional sales call, even if it is made over the Internet, might not be the right activity. Lots of companies have, or are in the process of introducing spending freezes. It may take weeks or even months before they are ready to buy from you again. You need to interact with your customers in new ways. An In-depth interview or a Card deck dialogue is an alternative. To reach out in an attempt to learn more about how you can better serve your customers, after the pandemic, will be an appreciated activity.

  • It might be easier to get in contact with your customers. Use Zoom to set up a video conference, ask the customer if you can record it, listen to the interview afterward, and extract customer needs. Or do the Card deck dialogue with the customer over Zoom. It is both faster and cheaper than physical meetings. The infrastructure to do all of this is in place, and it is easy to learn and use.

  • We have developed a free package consisting of:

- a Road map

- educational material in the form of a Flipbook

- an In-depth-Interview guide

- software modules to design Value cards, folder and analyze your database.

The standard price for the package is 665 EUR. For the time being, it is free of charge and can be downloaded following this link.

The first step is to download our Road Map – “Voice of the customer in Corona times” and learn more about how you can run a fast, cheap and meaningful Voice of the customer.

It is turbulent times, but eventually, we will come out of this, and let’s try to be innovative in finding ways to make the best of this terrible situation.

Our small contribution was to make this free package. Yours might be to help both your organization and your customers to come out stronger.

We wish you and your loved ones good health. Ulf / Per

Click on the button or the image to download the Road Map - "VoC in Corona Times"


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