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VoC in Corona times – Free Chapters

We realize that the situation is very turbulent for many, and very few things can be done as planned.

At the same time, many of your customers sit at home and are probably starting to feel bored. Salespeople are not allowed to visit their customers and have difficulty nurturing relationships. Every crisis has many faces.

When it comes to the "Voice of the customer", the big advantage is that everything can be done remotely using modern tools. The in-depth interviews of customers can be made over the Internet using Zoom, and the deck of Value cards and folder can be mailed to customers. There is nothing that practically prevents you from doing a VoC today, but it cannot be done in the same manner as before.

The next big obstacle will be the cost. If you do not already have spending freezes, it will probably come very soon. We have therefore decided to release several tools step by step for free:

  • This week we release all chapters in our digital Flipbook on VoC for free

Our goal is to make it possible for you to run a VoC entirely without external costs.

Everything will be posted on our website gradually. It is our small contribution trying to make everybody come out stronger after the Corona crisis.

We wish you and your loved ones good health.

Ulf / Per

Click on the picture to access the chapters in the VoC Flipbook.

Use the Promo code Corona at check out.


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