Questionnaire fatigue

Much of what is done under the heading “Voice of the Customer” is, in fact, only “Voice of the Company.”

Today you can hardly buy anything or even visit a public toilet without being requested to give your opinion on your degree of satisfaction. My inbox is flooded with emails asking me to participate in simple and quick surveys.

It all feels shallow and that companies think that the surveys will make me feel positive about the company. I am convinced that the irritation I feel about this is shared by many others, and it will impact the quality of the data collected.

Some CX (Customer Experience) initiatives are driving this trend in an attempt to streamline the customer journey. But at the same time, cluttering the journey with simple polls, surveys, or questionnaires.

Even the questions sometimes irritate me. They ask me about how happy I was with the website or my buying experience at check out, but not what I think of the product I bought. The crucial and most important step in any customer journey is always how well the product or service met my needs and resource concerns:

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

“Voice of the customer” is an excellent tool to get a grip on customer value and build a foundation for a customer-centric organization. However, satisfaction counters or even NPS (Net Promoter Scores) for that matter shouldn´t be labeled as VoC’s.

The Road Map – “Voice of the customer in Corona times” describe how to run a fast, cheap and meaningful virtual Voice of the customer.

We wish you and your loved ones good health. Ulf / Per

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