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Why is the most important business concept so unpopular?

Most people agree that customer value is probably the most important business concept of all. It is the very foundation for the existence of any business and organization.

On LinkedIn:

The numbers are, to say the least, startling. A way to demonstrate this is to make the following analogy if we all where medical doctors instead:

  • 393 doctors are interested in learning how to diagnose diseases better

  • 42,563 are interested in stress management

  • 38,117,847 thinks heart transplantations are the thing patients need.

Customer experience and innovation will fail if it doesn’t rest on a company-wide understanding of customer value. Shar VanBoskirk framed it excellent:

“Most firms have no clear definition of “value.” Not having a clear, shared definition of value prevents an organization from rallying stakeholders around the concept.”

Customer value is defined in the European standard EN 12973. Numerous people, including myself, have expanded the standard and transformed it into concrete and practical tools to guide an organization to success.

Why are so few people interested?

If you want to learn more on customer value, follow "The customer value challenge". Several videos and posters on how to turn customer value into a concrete and practical tool to drive profitability, growth and sustainability. All is free.


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